Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bubble Wrap

From a "friend" on facebook:
"Refuse to open your mind to other people's trash. Tune out anything that promotes conflict or controversy..." and more bullshit
No, these are not "words to live by." These are words that encourage people to live in a safe little bubble-wrapped world.
How can you be "compassionate" if you "refuse to open your mind"?
How can you "feed your intellect" if you "tune out anything that promotes conflict or controversy"?

This sort of thinking is exactly what's wrong with the culture the Internet promotes. Everything is customizable, tailor-made just for you, to fit your world-view, your ideology, your crazy-ass theories without ever questioning or contradicting your preconceived notions. So that you can live in a happy, rainbow-sparkly, unicorn-and-fairy paradise of your own ignorance.

If you feel cynical or "defeated" because you are presented with ideas you don't like, then you need to rethink your world-view. Or maybe just put your big-girl panties on and/or grow a pair.
Other people have ideas that conflict with yours. Any popularly-debated concept will create controversy. In order to grow as a person, feed your intellect, and become more compassionate and peaceful, you MUST expose yourself to opposing viewpoints. Otherwise, you will be stunted by lack of variety and possibility, you will only be able to relate to those who share your views, and you will CONSTANTLY find yourself in stress-causing situations where someone disagrees with you and you must consciously "tune out" the other person.
You will lose good friends if you act like this (and they will probably be glad to be rid of such a close-minded person from their lives).
You may very likely lose your job if you act like this.
You will be constantly stressed and perpetually offended if you act like this.

Grow up. Open your mind to the world around you. It is beautiful in its complexity.

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